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»Trust, Credibility and Authenticity in an Anti-Ad World«: Panel on dmexco conference

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“Trust, Credibility and Authenticity in an Anti-Ad World”

A panel with Bernhard Schmidt, Head of Online Communication & Content at Thomas SaboJose de Cabo, Founder of Olapic and Brett Zucker, CMO of Monotype, moderated by Julia Peglow, at dmexco conference on 12th of September on the Experience Stage.

Increasingly people are skeptical and disillusioned with the way brands are engaging with them and flooding them with one-sided marketing messages. Brand trust and authenticity is at an all-time low – people want to be part of a story where they have the opportunity to build a positive, symbiotic relationship with brands that contribute to their identities. This session explores how brands can gain trust with co-creation strategies, ultra-transparent campaigns, and personalized design cues.

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  1. Bernhard Schmidt says

    Was such pleasure having you as host. Thanks ? Looking forward for our next meeting.

  2. Julia Peglow says

    Thank you Bernhard! Was really insightful to talk about user-generated content and what you do with it. Hope we have the chance to do something like that again.

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